my shout


A Business Consultant helping companies formulate strategy and realize transformation through program/change management, process improvement, and customer experience. Specialized in extracting value from data and analytics

Areas of Expertise

A career practising the following capabilities

  • Process Improvement (Six Sigma)
  • Customer Experience (NPS)
  • Change Management (Kotter)
  • Data & IT (Agile, SAFe)
  • Project Management (PMI)
  • Data Science (machine learning)
  • Strategy (strategyzer)
  • Management (KPIs/Dashboards)


Insights picked up throughout my career


Most of my dashboards are sequestered in corporate boardrooms, but here are examples anyone can interact with.

Data Science & BI

My data science capabilities evolved from practising Six Sigma professionally and fluctuate between hobby and career. I create machine learning at work to better serve customers and at home to scratch the curiosity itch.